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Zooka AL-1 Autoloader Attachment

  • Heavy Duty Autoloader

    Holds 16 baseballs and 18 tennis balls. Automatically feeds balls for all Zooka pitching machines. Pitch angles from horizontal to 20° (Not usable for pop-ups).

    Baseball Pitching Machine Loader
    Baseball Pitching Machine Power Autoloader

    Consistent Pitch Intervals

    Engineered & tested to throw at 7 second intervals the Zooka Autoloader is great for batting practice, throwing flyballs line drives and grounders. Great for coaches and players of youth leagues, pony ball, and adult slow pitch and fast pitch leagues.

    Safe For Kids

    Electronically controlled autoloader. The Zooka autoloader is controlled and powered by your zooka pitching machine. Zooka pitching machines feature optic sensors & pitch alert beeper notifying you and the batter when a pitch will be thrown.

    Baseball Pitching Machine Feeder
    Zooka AL-1 Autoloader Tool Free Assembly

    Autoloader Assembly

    Ditch standing behind an L Screen all day. Coach and watch practice behind and beside players. Zooka's Autoloader frees you up enabling you to spend more time coaching!

    Lightweight & Portable

    Weighing in at less than 12 lbs and foldable, the Zooka Autoloader is easy to set up on the field. No tools required!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Auto feeder it’s a must have!

We love our zooka machine but the auto feeder is a must have. My son and I use it all the time it allows me to set it. Load balls and go shag what he hits. It allows way more hitting reps we would otherwise not have.

Great addition to an awesome pitching machine

Love the simplicity of this machine, especially this add-on. Very convenient and easy to set up.

Does exactly what it's supposed to do!! Great product!

The Autoloader works great, as does the Zooka pitching machine. The Autoloader is quick and easy to attach to the machine, holds sixteen balls, and feeds them perfectly into the machine. Totally reliable and high quality. Absolutely no complaints.

A Must Have

This autoloader is a must have if you are using the Zooka pitching machine with a team, and a great luxury to have if you have a machine for personal use. 16 pitches is enough to get a trend, take time to regroup and coach, give the player a break and move on to the next rack or player. Concentrate on coaching your players, not loading baseballs!

Jimi Chae
Great auto mechanism

This is a must have for the Pitching machine.I've loaded up about 17 balls, then let the machine go auto feed..., which allows me to coach my son standing right next to him during batting session.

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