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Why Zooka Pitching Machines?

Most players need much more batting practice. A Zooka pitching machine will make you a better hitter and fielder by providing accurate practice and make it fun. It is a rugged, powerful baseball training tool at an affordable price. It is very portable and easy to use, so you will use it often, in the backyard, a local park on at the ball field. The rechargeable internal battery easily handles a full team practice or game, and an external battery is available if more capacity is needed. It is suitable for ages 5 to 18 and throws real baseballs, machine pitch dimple balls, tennis balls, and soft core and safety balls at speeds up to 70 mph.

High-Tech & Reliable

Zookas baseball pitching machines have no exposed dangerous moving parts. We utilize a small compressor which operates very quietly and efficiently. Once you select the power setting the compressor develops the needed pressure and then it releases the pressure to the internal cup which pushes the ball of the barrel. The optics sensors at the end of the barrel read the speed of the ball and display it on the LCD screen. The automatic baseball pitching machine is powered by a rechargeable battery which can give you approximately 700-900 pitches per every recharge.

How Accurate are the Pitching Machines?

They are very accurate. With real baseballs, pitches typically scatter within the strike zone. With machine-pitch dimple balls, pitches can be placed within a few inches. A key element in the accuracy of all baseball throwing machines is the quality and consistency of the ball being thrown.

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