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Zooka ZS740 Pitching Machine with Tall Tripod

  • Heavy Duty Pitching Machine

    Adjustable speed pitching machine from 10-70 mph. Telescoping tripod throws grounders, fly balls, line drives and strikes for batting practice. Comes with a tall tripod, designed to replicate pitch release height for youth players 8 years to adults! Take your game to the next level!

    Best Baseball Pitching Machines
    Youth Baseball Pitching Machine

    Fully Enclosed & Safe For Kids

    Built in safety features including a password, and optic sensors to keep you in control of practice. A pitch alert beeper notifies you and the batter when a pitch will be thrown.

    Highly Accurate & Versatile

    Select the speed and throw! Engineered & tested to throw and simulate in-game pitching. Zooka's have the capability of throwing fastballs and computer-controlled changeups. Throws baseballs, dimple balls, safety balls, & tennis balls. 

    Baseball Pitching Machines Tripod
    Portable Lightweight Baseball Pitching Machines

    Lightweight & Portable

    Weighing in at less than 30 lbs with the tripod included, the Zooka 740 Pitching Machine can be easily disassembled and assembled without tools! Perfect for on-field use.

    Long Lasting Battery

    Ditch the power and extension cables! The Zooka 740 baseball pitching machine throws 700-900 pitches on a single charge! Powered by an in unit-battery and a compact easy to carry design.

    Baseball Pitching Machines Tripod

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Jesse Madrigal
Thus far it has been great.

I've used it 4 times already for heavy 11u practices (batting practice, pop ups, grounders) and so far so good. Hopefully it continues to do the job.

Anonymous Person
It's a home run!

Bought this to use in our backyard batting cage and for fielding practice with my 8 and 10 year olds. Decided to go with this over a more traditional machine because my kids are still young enough that we don't need to worry about curveballs or crazy fast pitches and I really liked the idea of it being so portable. It has turned out to be a perfect choice for our needs. Setting up and breaking down is so easy and, because it's battery operated, I can take it to any park without needing a power supply. We also bought the auto feeder and it has been great to free up a lot of my time from having to throw balls for their batting practice. Since I have two ball players, this was really starting to take a lot of time, not to mention the fact that the machine gives them much better pitches than I can. My husband takes it to team practices as well and the kids love it.

Little Foot
Love the Zooka!

We have a 35' cage in our basement with a hittrax system. I got the Zooka because my son was having a hard time with timing his load and the velocity of pitching in his first season of kid pitch. I remembered "how hard" it was to hit balls from a machine without an arm and figured with this three-beep and light system that it would force him to have to load on time every time in order to hit. I was right! Both of us had a real hard time getting our timing down the first time we tried it and were late every time, just like my son was in the real games. After a couple sessions, he had it completely dialed in and I could see him doing the exact same thing in his games. Loading when the pitchers hand separates from the glove. He got his first hits in live game action after we had worked a few days with this. Now, when I try to pitch to him myself he says "dad, why even have the pitching machine if we're not going to use it?" ... we use real baseballs and they scatter all over the strike zone, much more efficiently and safely than I can. It's forced him to expand his strike zone just like he would at 8U level and get his barrel to the ball. He was so used to where my balls usually go that he was just being too selective in game. We can turn up the speed faster than he would be comfortable with me throwing to him, knowing he won't get hit by the machine. So we've been able to simulate the best pitchers he'll be facing without worrying about dad hitting him with an errant pitch. It's been a baseball-life saver for us. Can't recommend the Zooka enough!

Gilbert Ramirez
Improved practice sessions

As described. This machine really changed my practice sessions with my son...for both hitting and fielding. Less wasted time of me trying to throw accurately or at the right speed.

Mike Rein

This thing is no joke. I have been missing out all of these years while coaching, this thing is hands down a gamechanger.

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