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Zooka ZS720 Pitching Machine with Short Tripod

  • Heavy Duty Pitching Machine

    Adjustable speed pitching machine from 10-50 mph. Telescoping tripod throws grounders, fly balls, line drives and strikes for batting practice. Comes with a short tripod, designed to replicate pitch release height for youth players 8 & under!

    Best Baseball Pitching Machines
    Youth Baseball Pitching Machine

    Fully Enclosed & Safe For Kids

    Built in safety features including a password, and optic sensors to keep you in control of practice. A pitch alert beeper notifies you and the batter when a pitch will be thrown.

    Highly Accurate & Versatile

    Engineered & tested to throw and simulate in-game pitching. Pitches fastballs and computer-controlled changeups. Throws baseballs, dimple balls, safety balls, & tennis balls.

    Baseball Pitching Machines Tripod
    Lightweight Portable Baseball Pitching Machine

    Lightweight & Portable

    Weighing in at less than 30 lbs with the tripod included, the Zooka 720 Pitching Machine can be easily disassembled and assembled without tools! Perfect for on-field use.

    Long Lasting Battery

    Ditch the power and extension cables! The Zooka 720 baseball pitching machine throws 700-900 pitches on a single charge! Powered by an in unit-battery and a compact easy to carry design.

    Baseball Pitching Machines Tripod

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